Privacy Policy

Desi Hisab is a product of Sulife Alliance ( hereafter referred as “We”, “Our” ) and we think that customer privacy is important to us, and we know it is important to many of you too. That's why we want to make sure that you do not miss out on knowing in and out about our product desi Hisab.

Desi Hisab is a customized expense tracker to keep a record of your daily budget handy. If you face any issues relating to desi hisab and the services provided therein, you must contact us at

Desi Hisab allows its users to enter their daily cash inflows and outflows and keep a track of them. The data and figures entered by users are not encrypted yet, and are processed to show the desired results to the user like cash in hand on a particular date and daily, monthly reports.

This data processing is necessary to derive the desired results as how much is cash in hand on a particular date and to access periodically reports. Processing at Desi Hisab basically means addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The data entered by Desi Hisab users will not be shared with any other third party in any case. The user have all the rights to terminate using Desi Hisab Application and its services at anytime and we are not responsible for any data loss or any kind of modification in users data.